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Current Gambas Versions

Gambas 2: 2.24.0.tar.bz2
Gambas 3: 3.9.2.tar.bz2
Development: Latest SVN version

Binary packages:
Gambas 3 IDE binary packages directory

Puppy Linux: gambas3_3.9.0.sfs
Puppy Linux: gambas3-3.8.4_amd64.sfs

Welcome to Gambas Guru!

What is Gambas?

Wikipedia wrote:
Gambas is the name of an object-oriented dialect of the BASIC programming language as well as the integrated development environment that accompanies it. Designed to run on Linux and other Unix-like computer operating systems,its name is a recursive acronym for Gambas Almost Means Basic. Gambas is also the word for prawns in the Spanish language, from which the project's logos are derived. read more...

What is a Guru?

A guru is a teacher, adviser, mentor, or "master" in a particular domain, field, area, or study. A guru is someone who passes on their knowledge to a "student" of the same domain, field, area, or study.

What is Gambas Guru?

Gambas.guru is a small Gambas community working to help those new to Gambas. The official Gambas documentation at gambaswiki.org can be difficult to understand by those who are new to Gambas. At Gambas Guru we are trying to make a difference in learning to code with Gambas, and to help you out, we offer a forum, a wiki, and software downloads written in Gambas.

If you enjoy being a member of a community who are very friendly and helpful, and won't tell you to "Google it", then register today and become an active community member.

Our members live in many different countries, but we are primarily an English language community.

Notable Gambas Software
Notable Gambas software created by our members.

GambOS: A Debian-based distro with the Gambas IDE pre-installed along with several apps written in Gambas.
Gambas ShowCase: An application written in Gambas that acts as a software center for Gambas3 applications on GambOS.
GambasLearning: GambasLearning is a learning aid for beginning developers.

These Gambas applications can be found either in our software repository, or by following the links to each projects website.
You can have your project listed here too. Contact the admin for more information.


Are you new to Gambas and not sure where to begin? Do you need help with a coding problem? If you can't find an answer searching through the forums, ask a question. Do you have a project and would like someone to review it? We have a forum for that. If you are still using Gambas version 2, we encourage you to consider upgrading to the Gambas 3 version.


Do you like to help others learn? By writing Gambas guides and tutorials, you can help teach. We have a community wiki for our members to create and edit guides and tutorials. No matter your skill level, you can create or edit wiki pages that can help others.


Are you looking for Gambas applications? Visit our file gallery and download software coded in Gambas by our forum members. Registered members can upload their Gambas applications to share with others.


If you enjoy writing we have blogs available for you to share your knowledge on just about any subject you choose. Do you have a hobby, or a Gambas project you are working on, and you would like to share your thoughts about it? Or, maybe you would just like to write about life itself. Posts can be marked "private" so you can keep privates notes (the site admin does this for tracking site modifications).

About Gambas.guru

Gambas.guru was formerly WhiteIslandSoftware.com. WhiteIslandSoftware.com was originally started to host the owner's Gambas projects. About the same time the forums at GambasForum.com was looking for a new administrator, so the two joined forces under the WhiteIslandSoftware.com domain.

While this "worked" for three years, it was never quite a right "match" and in early 2014 the owner of WhiteIslandSoftware.com started thinking it was time to give the forums a better name that reflected more of the reason GambasForum was started in the first place, and a platform to allow the forums to expand into more of a teaching, or mentoring, role. In March 2014, the Gambas.guru domain was purchased and nearly 18 months later Gambas Guru opened it's doors for the first time.

Our forums are still being called GambasForum in honor of the original GambasForums.com. The GambasForum.com domain is still associated with GambasForum, but in a different way now.

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