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Welcome to the Software repository

In this repository you will find Gambas projects in these groups: Stable Releases, Bleeding Edge, and Demo Software.

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wrench Stable Releases
This repository contains this type of applications:
* Stable - Stable versions are released versions that are believed to be free of bugs. These versions are best suited for production use.

wrench Demo Software
This is where demonstration software can be found. This is also where you will find applications associated with guides and tutorials.

This repository contains these type of applications:
* Demo - Demo software can refer either to an early, barely-functional version of a program which can be used for demonstration purposes, to a special version of a program (frequently with some features crippled) which is distributed for enticement purposes, or to software written strictly to demonstrate a function or idea.

wrench Bleeding Edge
This is where developers can upload their apps to make them available while they are being developed. Those who are interested in testing or enjoy bleeding edge software can download from this repo.

*** Please be advised you are using these projects at your own risk. ***

This repository contains these type of applications:
* Pre-Alpha - Pre-Alpha versions are used to present more or less working features. These versions are usually intended for developers and for test cases only.
* Alpha - Alpha versions are unfinished versions which contain most of the features but are not tested yet. These versions may still contain severe errors so productive use is not recommeneded.
* Beta - Beta versions are the first test versions for public audience and contain the very basic features. As alpha versions usually contain a lot of errors they are not suited for productive systems.
* RC - Release Candidates are final test versions. The versions contain all features of the final versions. The intention is final...

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